Conner Lautt

Golf Instructor

I was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona. I picked up the game of golf at 8 years old and played junior competitive golf as well as on the Varsity Highland High School team. After high school, I played my freshman year on the Augustana College Golf Team in Rock Island, Illinois. Once I graduated I became a recreational golfer until January of 2021, when I decided to quit my credit union job and pursue my dream of becoming a professional golfer. Currently I am a PGA Associate in Level 1 of the PGA program, where I’m working towards gaining full PGA Membership.

My approach to teaching the game of golf goes beyond just a swing plane because it’s such a mental game. I like to help build the self-confidence of my students during lessons while enhancing fundamental skills of the game so they can stay competitive whether it’s a weekend round with friends or working to further their golf career. My two goals as an instructor are to help my students build a better golf swing and to continue the growth of the game that we all love.

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